You will find yourself in the middle of nature…

The most luxurious form of handwork can be found in this mattress. Norrbottens mattresses, the embodiment of traditional Swedish mattress production with the skills of masters, are designed for you to experience the highest level of comfort.

Hälsa Norrbottens offers the pleasure of a luxurious sleep with Belgium Flax fabric technology. Furthermore this mattress provides an extraordinary feeling of resilience with its state of the art ProPocket® spring technology system.

ProPocket® Spring System is created by placing single springs inside pockets which are able to act independently from one another giving customized reactions, adapting perfectly to different body types and providing full spine support. ProPocket® invites you to a unique sleeping experience, with excellent comfort created by a sense of springiness and flexibility. Thanks to ProPocket® packages the weight of your body is spread equally and a unique resilience is created. Since the number of springs per square meter is high in this spring system, the number of springs in contact with the body is also high. In this manner more orthopaedic protection is provided for the spine.

Less Partner Disturbance Technology It minimizes the problem of spouses’ being affected and disturbed by averse turning movements from their partners. Thus it offers everybody an uninterrupted and highly comfortable sleep during the night.

Belgium Flax In order to create an exquisitely soft fabric for you, Hälsa has carefully selected the finest and longest fibers of the linseed plant and weaved them with delicate methods.

With its strong and bright structure, the Belgium Flax fabric, which has been known and preferred for thousands of years due to its natural and precious appearance, will add both elegance and refreshment to your bedroom. With its moisture-absorbing properties, it creates a natural cool touch on your skin, and as it dries quickly it gives you a feeling of freshness. This fabric is also recommended for hypersensitive and allergic people, and comes to the forefront as the preference for those who love naturalness and purity.

Handwork We blend the handwork of the past with the technologies of the future in Hälsa mattresses… Each of our mattresses uses innovative  echnologies and are shaped with the hand skills of masters.