Experience the King Suite…

With its Noble fabric technology, a precious fabric giving a luxurious feeling, Skåne mattresses, appeals to fine pleasures. With its eye-catching innovative and aesthetic design, you will feel very special experiencing the royal grace.

While having the noble fabric elegance, your mattress is also protected against bacteria, fungus and bad odours with Purix Technology. Thanks to the ProCoil® spring system, which has the highest number of springs among spring mattresses, you will have an uninterrupted and constant sleeping experience. Skåne offers you a comfortable, quiet and healthy sleep. With its double side usage, you can choose between a harder or softer support.

Noble Technology The noble fabric collection, with its dazzling innovative and aesthetic design, carries the palace elegance and luxury to your bedroom. Noble fabric, produced with a special weaving style and yarn, makes you feel special and valuable. With Noble fabric, that makes a difference with its texture, appearance and patterns, you can enjoy a royal sleeping comfort.

ProCoil® Spring System Leggett & Platt’s latest model in uninterrupted and continuous spring systems, has the highest number of springs among spring mattresses. Due to this unique feature, it offers a serene and uninterrupted sleep comfort. Undergoing a special heat treatment extends the life of the spring structure and prevents deformation.

Purix If you are looking for perfect hygiene in your bedroom, Purix a newly developed antibacterial process, satisfies all your expectations. Purix protects your bed against bacteria, fungus and odour, and with its superior features, it protects your mattresses’ original form for years. While holding its effectiveness and pureness with its protective molecules, your mattress is kept clean and spacious inside and outside.

British Wool The best quality and most natural form of wool material, British Wool, suitable for all year round use, provides insulation against heat and cold. Preventing perspiration by regulating the ambient humidity, it helps you to balance your body temperature and sleep uninterrupted. With its voluminous and strong structure it adapts itself to your body, while its resilience helps the mattress to restore its shape after you leave the bed. By being a durable and long lasting natural material, it also protects your bed and your health.

Natural Cotton The most used natural material after wool and flax, cotton, is defined by the length of its fibers. Since only the longest and strongest cotton fibers are selected and brought together, air can move through easily hence staying dry all night. Whilst it regulates your body temperature it also comforts your skin.

Active Support Technology® It enables your muscles to rest in a more natural sleeping position. Thanks to Active Support Technology, the springs in the mattress instantly conforms to your movements during sleep, supporting your body whilst offering an active and comfortable sleep.

Fine Wire Technology The durability of the springs is increased through heat treatment, offering approximately 3 times more longevity to similar mattresses. This technology also preserves 28% more heat and moisture balance during sleep.